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  • Bespoke Fire Pits
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Bespoke Fire Pits

Our Fire Pits made by one of our group companies Great Balls of Fire are beautiful and practical works of garden art. Each Fire Pit is individually designed and hand cut from a steel sphere in our Suffolk workshops by our highly skilled dedicated craftsmen. All of our Fire Pits can be supplied in various finishes including patternized oxidisation, heat resisting black paint or stainless steel – other materials can be supplied including Titanium, Nickel, Copper, Iron and Bronze. We have various standard fire pit designs however we encourage personalised commissions and look forward to working with you to create your own unique design which has the benefit of giving you enjoyment for generations to come.
Our  bespoke fire pits have the advantage of being able to be fitted with a solar powered or mains LED light fitting to give you all year round use. Although we call them fire pits we think they are wonderful pieces of garden art each with their own charm and character. We can produce the sphere fire pits in a range of sizes from 700mm up to 4000mm – YES 4000mm.  For more information please visit our dedicated website for Bespoke Fire Pits or call us on 01359 251112

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